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Missouri Angel Investment Groups

About Angel Investors

Angel investments are equity investments and money is invested in exchange for ownership in the company. Of the 500,000 start-ups each year, only 500 receive venture capital investments. The MAJOR source of equity for a new business comes from friends and family.

Ninety percent of the investment outside of friends and family comes from angel investors. Angels tend to invest smaller amounts and tend to invest in younger companies than do Venture Capital firms. Angels also tend to invest close to home and can be difficult to locate.

The desired investment profile for an Angel:

  • A novel (new) or disruptive business concept
  • A realistic business plan
  • Technological superiority
  • Realistic valuation

The Angel Resource Institute provides answers to questions about angel capital for entrepreneurs. Gust provides a listing of many angel groups across the country.  You can also use the Angelsoft site to submit your business plan for review by several of the Missouri angel groups.

NOTE: The following Missouri groups primarily invest in early-stage technology and life sciences startups.


Allen Angel Capital Education Fund

Allen Angel Capital Education Fund (AACE) provides development services and funding to regional high growth entrepreneurs in exchange for an equity or debt position.

Angel Capital Group

The Angel Capital Group is a national Angel investing organization specializing in funding companies with unique products or services in large opportunity markets typically needing $300,000 - $1,000,000 in capitalization.

Billiken Angels Network

The Billiken Angel Network (BAN) is affiliated with Saint Louis University and has the goal of funding "the deals that make a difference" in our region and our University.


BioGenerator supports individuals considering or seeking funding for plant or bioscience companies in the St. Louis metro region. We provide business and technical advice and support, early-stage capital, and access to shared lab space & equipment.

Centennial Investors Angel Investor Network

Centennial Investors was created to meet the early capital needs of university and private sector entrepreneurs. The organization helps exciting ideas get to market.

Cultivation Capital

Cultivation capital is an early stage capital firm.

Mid-America Angels

Mid-America Angels ("MAA") is a regional network of angel investors dedicated to identifying and funding the most promising start-up business opportunities in the Kansas-Missouri Region.

Missouri Women's Business Center

The Missouri Women’s Business Center (MoWBC) is a catalyst for economic development in our community by providing resources, support and networks for women seeking to start or grow their own businesses.

Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Startup Accelerator

PWE Startup Accelerator was founded in 2014 as one of the first Female-Focused Accelerators in the country. We were started to empower and support female founders by female founders. Since our inception we have funded and worked with over 22 companies - across Tech, Healthcare IT and Consumer Products.

Saint Louis University Center for Entrepreneurship

The goal of Saint Louis University’s Entrepreneurship Center is to help entrepreneurs combine their business passion with the planning skills taught in a world-class institution, to produce high-performing organizations. Our mission is: to deliver and develop world-class entrepreneurship education for all.

St. Louis Arch Angels