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Updated March 6, 2024

Missouri startups are vital to our economy, and they are the job-creating powerhouses that helped the state recover from the pandemic.

From 2018 to 2022, new and young businesses with fewer than 20 employees created 185,479 jobs, accounting for 81% of all new jobs in the state. That’s according to the latest data from the MOSourceLink “Show Me Jobs” report.

In addition, the pandemic spurred startups across Missouri: Missouri created 17,936 startup firms in 2022, down from 18,234 in 2021 but up from 16,287 in 2020.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development calls small businesses and startup firms the “engines that keep Missouri moving forward.”

Continuing to show our support of these job creators will help pave a path through economic recovery for our rural and our urban communities.

Show Me Jobs: The Impact of Missouri Startups

Missouri startups, defined in Show Me Jobs as first-time employers with fewer than 20 employees, create jobs.

MOSourceLink’s Show Me Jobs report quantifies the impact of new and young firms to Missouri’s economy. The report also provides year-to-year comparison data regarding job creation by new and young firms, wage growth and the industrial density of startups.

Download to find out:

  • How many new jobs were created by Missouri’s first-time employers from 2018 through 2022
  • The economic impact of Missouri’s startups
  • How many new jobs tech firms created in Missouri from 2018 to 2022
  • The number of startups firms in Missouri
  • Where these startups are located
  • How much startup and tech firms pay and how that compares to Missouri’s average wage

Entrepreneurship Matters

Missouri startups created nearly 81% of all new jobs in Missouri over the past five year. Download MOSourceLink’s Show Me Jobs to see the number of jobs they created from 2018 to 2022, where they created them, how startup (and tech) wages compared to the state average and where startup industries are clustered.

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MOSourceLInk and the Show Me Jobs Report is generously supported by the Missouri Technology Corporation.


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