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For entrepreneurs, securing capital for their businesses is a daunting task. It is one of the most challenging parts of business and can make or break a business’ survival. So capital should be visible and accessible, right? We believe so.

To help figure where the gaps lie in Missouri’s capital ecosystem, MOSourceLink worked with our partners across the state to create a collaborative report and action plan to improve access to capital, called Show Me Capital.

What’s in Show Me Capital 

You’ll learn:

  • 6 key goals to increase access to alternative loans, grants and proof-of-concept capital and venture capital investment for Missouri’s rural and urban entrepreneurs
  • 20+ recommended actions your community and the state can rally around right now to improve access to capital for early-stage companies and spark economic vitality

When you download the executive summary, you’ll also get access to the full report, which provides more details on those goals and recommended actions as well as information on:

  • How to access loans, grants and capital for your early-stage business
  • What kinds of capital fuel different types of businesses—and at what stage
  • Distribution and activity of Missouri’s loan programs and equity investments
  • Missouri’s alternative loan programs and products and the organizations that support loan readiness
  • Missouri’s pitch competitions, local/state grants, accelerators, angel groups and venture capital funds
  • And more . . .

Missouri is leaving millions
of dollars on the table

These are alternative loans, grants and investment dollars that could fuel early-stage startups, create jobs and spur economic growth.

The good news: It’s clear what needs to be done to fill the gaps in the early-stage financing for startups. Missouri entrepreneurs and business owners need better access to resources, alternative loans, early-stage capital and locally activated venture capital.

With Show Me Capital, MOSourceLink has outlined a community action plan to help Missouri build financial support for early-stage entrepreneurship—a critical step toward helping more ideas and innovations thrive and making Missouri the state of innovation between the coasts.

Key Findings of MOSourceLink’s
Show Me Capital Report

– Missouri needs more alternative loans, especially in rural areas: While a number of organizations have alternative loan funds, many of those resources are underutilized and/or underfunded.

– The pipeline of growth companies needs support at the early stages: Grants play a critical role by fueling companies too new for investors who often expect immediate returns. Data from programs like Digital Sandbox KC prove that investing in companies’ earliest stages helps them survive the “valley of death” and leads to follow-on funding. Federal grants are one avenue for early-stage funding, but Missouri lags compared to leading states in taking advantage of federal research grants (SBIR/STTR).

– Missouri companies need better access to equity-stage investment: While Missouri compares favorably to some neighboring states in venture capital raised, it lags behind others. Also, Missouri-based VC funds invest in early-stage companies, but not necessarily those based in Missouri.


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