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Calling all Missouri inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, scalers, doers, dreamers and makers: When you have an idea that you want to grow, it helps to have a little help along the way.

That’s why created a map of the business-building organizations in the state of Missouri, regional and statewide, that can take you from inception to exit. Hop aboard and get help for your business on the Resource RailSM.

Download the Resource Rail

MOSourceLink’s Resource Rail is your map to entrepreneurial experts across four regions and the entire state who are ready to help your business start, grow and accelerate, whether you’re just launching a company or ready to scale it, whether you’re disrupting an industry with an innovation-led business or running a Main Street retail mainstay.

Just tell us a bit about yourself in the form below and get a map for your entrepreneurial journey.

Your first stop: MOSourceLink

Before you turn to Google or start paying a consultant, MOSourceLink should be your first call (or web visit or email) when you need help planning, starting, funding, growing or accelerating a business in Missouri.

Whether you want to build your business in a rural or urban community, MOSourceLink makes entrepreneurship easier by connecting you with the right resource in the statewide network of 500+ business-building organizations. This is why MOSourceLink should be your first stop when you are ready to take your idea from a thought to an actionable plan.

Who should use the Resource Rail?

Anyone who wants to start and grow a business in Missouri, whether that business is a catering biz, food truck, restaurant or franchise; whether you’re starting a side gig as a developer or trying to raise funds or recruit talent for a tech startup. MOSourceLink helps entrepreneurs and business owner of all types and stripes find the right resource to reach that next milestone through all four stages: inception, proof of concept, rollout and expansion.

MOSourceLink Funding Resources


Follow this line if funding is your goal. The Money Line takes you through the Missouri resources that help fund businesses, from concept to exit, from equity to debt and every stop in between.

MOSourceLink Innovation Led Businesses


Follow the resources on this line if you’re a tech or high-growth company. These companies form around a new technology or breakthrough process that that has the potential for a very large market, beyond the immediate region.

MOSourceLink Microenterprise Businesses


Follow this line if you run a business focused on your own personal expertise—consulting, design, lawn care. It may not require a physical location. Online businesses and solopreneurs also fall into this group.

MOSourceLink Second Stage Businesses


Follow this line if you’ve survived the startup phase and you’re ready to scale. A business typically enters second stage when they approach $1 million in receipts, and that business can be in any industry.

MOSourceLink Main Street Businesses


Follow the resources on this line if you have a brick-and-mortar store: restaurants, coffee shops, dry cleaners, retailers, etc. These companies have employees, need operations support and are typically focused on sales, cash flow and funding.


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