9 Under-the-Radar Tools to Amplify Your Missouri Business during COVID-19

9 Under-the-Radar Tools to Amplify Your Missouri Business during COVID-19

When a crisis hits, entrepreneurs mobilize. Adapting is part of the spirit of entrepreneurship. And no doubt that you’ve heard the stories of startups making extraordinary pivots to help safeguard lives: They make hand sanitizer, offer virtual workouts and give access to educational technology for kids.

But entrepreneurs also step up to support one another to help safeguard livelihoods. Here’s just a short list of nine businesses and startups that have pulled together to offer free to low-cost resources to help keep businesses afloat, expand or even develop skills that they usually have no time to work on, from marketing, crisis customer communications to even reducing service costs.


1. Communicate with your customers during a crisis

Amber Williams, a Forbes celebrated brand strategist and copywriter, has released a free guide to support business owners with communicating with customers. Exactly What to Say to Your Customers in a Crisis instructs entrepreneurs how to craft a well-worded response letter to your audience. If you don’t have access to a huge marketing team with experts and need to talk to your customers, this one’s for you.

2. Take your teaching, wellness or people-facing biz digital for $5 or less

Loom, a video recording company, has cut the cost of some of its services. Until July 1, 2020, Loom will remove the recording limit from its free plan, cut the price of its pro plan in half to just $5 and extend any pro trials from 14 days to 30 days. You can record unlimited webinars, teachings, classes and the like for absolutely no cost. You can also upload workout videos if you’re a personal trainer or guided meditations for birthing mothers as a doula.

3. Learn how to stay afloat and actually grow your business with these tips and tricks

HoneyBook and Rising Tide have developed an awesome page for business resources and tips that you can use right now during this crisis. Thinking on its feet, the company pulled together past webinars, blogs and other content that is relevant now. Financial experts, lawyers, marketers and more can be found here. Put on your bookwoom glasses and get ready to take some notes!

> > > If you’re looking for the latest information, resources and more to help your business navigate the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, check out our frequently updated Coronavirus Business Resources page. If you’re hunting specifically for funding opportunities, browse the ever-expanding financing page.

4. LinkedIn learning has 16 free classes on how to work remotely

If your businesses can transition to remote work, LinkedIn has stepped in with a free digital learning experience that will train business owners how to work remotely and manage a remote team, as well as offer sessions to employees.

Bonus: Google also is offering a suite of learnings in this same category, so double up!

5. Later’s Instagram school is 100% digital (and free)

Later is one of the industry leaders in social media scheduling for Instagram and has an awesome blog. It has even taken it a step further and offers an Instagram school. Learn how to create content, maximize it (with or without the company’s tool) and growth procedures; you definitely want perfect attendance at this school. If you need to take your business a step further and know that social media could help, hop to it.

6. Learn how other business owners survived a crisis

Techstars and the Foundry Group have joined forces to bring you a video session where real CEOs and business owners discuss what they did to survive during a crisis. Chock full of wisdom, applicable anecdotes and actionable tips, this video could be the one thing standing between you and getting your weekend back after exiting panic mode. 

7. Become a freelancer … FAST

While some folks are already freelancers, or set up to be, this work-anywhere occupation is open to anyone. If you’re searching for a side hustle, Venture Legal KC has released a free guide on how to become a freelancer. If you’re toying with starting a side gig, then take this chance to hone your skills and make it happen.

8. Work from home and stay healthy

If you’ve been in business before, you’ve most likely heard of Salesforce. Well, this tech company has created a publicly available Trailmixes (custom learning paths that you choose) on skill-learning site Trailhead: Get tips on how you can work from home while also keeping yourself healthy, having boundaries and just all-around protecting your personal well-being. Everyone should get pumped and grab this one!

9. Free marketing tools to take your small biz online

The SweetLife Company and Novella Brandhouse teamed up to bring you an awesome resource page on taking your offline business and getting it online-ready. Need to start a podcast? It’s on this page. Software recommendations? They thought of that, too! How to create your first online course in a day? (You get the picture.) The page is loaded with goodies, so get in there and explore.

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