Write a Killer “About Us” Page for Your Business

Write a Killer “About Us” Page for Your Business

Right now a potential customer is on your company website in the middle of deciding whether or not to purchase your product or service. Are you using your business website to capture your customer’s attention, build trust and, ultimately, make a sale?

Fact: A business’s About Us page is one of the most important pages on a company website (Hubspot).

Too often businesses don’t put enough effort into their own About Us pages. It’s either overlooked, boastful or too sparse. The About Us page is your opportunity to connect with your customers and highlight the best qualities of your company. This is where you share your company’s story and mission while including persuasive language so customers will want to buy your products or services.

We sat down with Ryan Wells, a WordPress and web developer, speaking at a WordPress KC event held at the Kansas City Public Library to talk about writing better website copy.

“When customers are making purchase decisions, they want to make sure your company has authority and be reassured they are making a good decision,” he says.

Convince customers to purchase your product or services by creating a persuasive About Us page on your business website.

“At the end of the day, your customer is what matters. If you’re not speaking to your customers then you’re not converting,” Ryan says.

And without customers, your business is just a hobby.

What is the About Us page?

When customers are in buying mode, they often will scour your company’s website before they make a purchasing decision. The higher the price point of your product, the more customers research before they make a decision. This is where the About Us page comes in.

An effective About Us page does the following:

  • Tells the story of your business and how you help make lives easier
  • Proves you and your team are experts in your industry
  • Explains where and how products are made
  • Highlights social proof or customer testimonials

As a business owner, you want to be seen as an authority in your industry. The About Us page builds credibility, trust and, most importantly, generates sales.

“Business owners miss out on thousands of dollars every day because their website copy is not converting sales,” says Ryan.

Using the AIDA method

Ryan suggests using the AIDA method when writing marketing content, whether it’s for a business About Us page, newsletter or advertisement.

Grab your customer’s attention with a compelling title and first line. This could be your business mission, a bold statement or one-liner. The point is to get your customer to read the next line and, ultimately, buy your product or service.

Whether it’s your company’s story or describing what your product does, appeal to your customer’s emotions. Write in a conversational tone as if it were just you and your customer hanging out over a cup of coffee. You want your customer to feel connected and comfortable with you.

Address the problem your customer has and how your business has the solution. Talk through your business process as if it were just you and your customer.

Bring it home! Tell your customer what next step you want them to take. They need to purchase the product, book an appointment, subscribe to the newsletter. This is the call to action and the most important part of the About Us page.

By using the AIDA formula, businesses can ensure they keep their customer as the number one priority. Even when you’re talking about your company’s team, make sure your emphasis is on your customer and the value your team will bring to them.

Bonus tips and know-how

Bottom line: you want your company to stand out, make an impression and build enough trust and credibility for a customer to purchase your products or services. You can do this by fully utilizing your About Us page.

Ryan has a few more tips for business owners when writing their About Us page:

  • Always build a connection rather than writing fluff content.
  • Add plenty of calls to action.
  • When writing your company story, actually tell the story of your business, and not just why your company is the best.
  • Aim for at least 1,000 words on the About Us page.
  • Don’t use jargon, acronyms or industry terms.
  • Always include your company phone number in your content.

“A good content plan is focused on trying to help customers, answer questions and generate sales,” says Ryan. He adds, “Even if you’re not promoting, you are promoting. Don’t create content just because you are told to create content. Write content that people care about.”

If you think your writing isn’t up to snuff, that’s alright. You can always pay someone to write your website content for you. Or if you’re more into DIY, hone your writing skill through online courses at Lynda which is totally free with a local library card. Head over to the MOSourceLink calendar for a list of free or low cost marketing classes near you.

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