Get Familiar with the Impact of Missouri Entrepreneurship with the Show Me Jobs Report

Your favorite local bagel shop where you start your day employs about 10 of your community members. The local laundromat? It has about four employees. The idea you’ve had for a creative agency has the potential to hire no less than 20 employees. 

When you do the math, you’d think that 34 Missourians with jobs due to your local startup is not impactful; however, Missouri startups created 80% of all net new jobs across the state in the last five years. That’s an average of 40,797 new jobs per year. 

Are you still questioning the impact of Missouri startups on our economy?

MOSourceLink has released Show Me Jobs, a new report that, for the first time ever, tracks jobs created by new and young establishments across the state of Missouri. If you want to stop here and jump straight to digging into the report, download it here

“We want to make Missouri the state for innovation and entrepreneurship between the coasts,” says Alexces Bartley, network builder for MOSourceLink. “To do that, we have to be able to tell a compelling story of economic impact. Show Me Jobs helps us do that by quantifying how startups fuel our economy and giving us the opportunity to have meaningful, data-guided conversations around how—and where—to grow those numbers.” 

New and young firms are the primary source of job creation in the U.S. economy, according to the Kauffman Foundation. In fact, the Kauffman Foundation reports that these new businesses account for a disproportionate amount of new job growth, creating nearly all net new job creation and almost 20 percent of gross job creation.

“We first tracked this number for Kansas City startups in 2016. Now, we’re excited to report on the economic impact of Missouri’s entrepreneurs, across industries and across the state,” said Maria Meyers, founder of KCSourceLink, MOSourceLink and vice provost of economic development at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Show Me Jobs quantifies the impact of new and young firms to Missouri’s economy. Using data from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) for Missouri, MOSourceLink used a statistical analysis to calculate the number of jobs from first-time employers with 20 or fewer employees.

The Show Me Jobs report is your key to have the needed conversations to spur more Missouri entrepreneurship. It’s also chocked full of those factoids you may need to support your next pitch on how your tech company will positively impact the economy. And if you are just taking steps to get your business idea rolling, the report has some inspirational stories of entrepreneurs, just like you.

Entrepreneurial activity is the most significant producer of net new jobs, hard stop. MOSourceLink is excited to release this data-rich report into the community, so download your copy now. 

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