8 Ways MOSourceLink Can Help You Start or Grow Your Business

Starting and growing a business can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone.

MOSourceLink has several free resources to help you launch and accelerate your venture. From Personal Action Plans that are custom-made for your needs to insightful reports on jobs, capital and the state of entrepreneurship in Missouri, here are the useful tools available now to guide you every step of the way.

1. Personal Action Plan

Wondering what your business needs to start or grow?

Your Personal Action Plan is your customizable checklist that outlines your path forward and the resources that can help you right now. This hand-curated guide is built around your specific business challenges, location, industry and business stage.

You’ll be referred to on-the-ground nonprofits in your community and across Missouri that can give you the exact low- and no-cost help you need to thrive.

2. The Resource Navigator®

Missouri is rich with business resource organizations, so chances are, the exact support you need exists — you just need to get connected.

The Resource Navigator is an online hub that that can help you find the right social, professional and informal networks in your own backyard and across the state.

Simply search the easy-to-use database by filters like location, industry, business stage and area of assistance to quickly find the resources that can help you advance as an entrepreneur, no matter if you’re looking for business coaching, networking, funding, chambers of commerce, local experts and more.

More great resources below …

3. Classes & Events Calendar

Whether you want to level up your skill set or connect with other entrepreneurs, the MOSourceLink Classes and Events Calendar is a key resource.

Search by subject, location, distance or business type to find virtual and in-person events across Missouri.

Sales and marketing, financial planning, e-commerce, human resources, customer discovery and government contracting regulations are just a few of the topics covered in the hundreds of events on the calendar each month.

4. Start Your Business Guide

There’s a lot to consider around setting up and establishing a business. Our 10-part guide covers everything you need to know, including how to craft a strategic plan, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, register your business, find office space and buy a franchise.

5. The Resource Rail

With a network of more than 600 nonprofits across Missouri that are ready to help your business, the Resource Rail is a great tool to map your entrepreneurial journey, through planning, starting, funding, growing and accelerating your business.

Pick your business stage — Money, Innovation, Microenterprise, Second Stage and Main Street — and see the organizations that can help you along the way.

6. Loans, Grants and Equity Funding

Money doesn’t have to stand in the way of starting your business.

Our Loans, Grants, and Equity Funding Guide is packed with information on how to estimate startup costs and determine the best sources of funding. You’ll also find resources to help you put together your business plan – a requirement for most outside financing sources.

7. Entrepreneur in Action Stories and Expert Business Tips

Get an inside look at real Missouri entrepreneur journeys, lessons learned and best practices from successful business owners across the state with our Entrepreneurs in Action stories.

Plus, delve into business expert-led articles covering topics such as advancing entrepreneurship, legal issues, funding and finances, marketing/sales, tax planning, networking and more.

8. Entrepreneurship Resource Reports

This four-part guide provides insights into how the MOSourceLink Network is helping elevate entrepreneurship in the Show-Me State.

In addition to the Resource Rail, the Show Me Jobs report identifies the number of jobs created by companies with fewer than 20 employees and explores where in the state those jobs are created. (The data might surprise you.)

Also, check out Show Me Capital to see the community action plan to improve access to early-stage capital and funding in Missouri.

Lastly, the Missouri Technology Corporation study looks at the impact of public funding of private entrepreneurial startups.

We’re always here to help

No matter if you’re looking for that first or next step for your business (or business idea), we know which of Missouri’s 600+ nonprofit Resource Partner organizations can help right now. Call us at 866-870-6500 or tell us what you need here, and we’ll build your custom set of next steps (for free).

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