Take the Mic: How to Tell Policymakers What Your Small Business Needs during COVID-19

Take the Mic: How to Tell Policymakers What Your Small Business Needs during COVID-19

As policymakers consider funding and budgets for the next fiscal year, amplifying your voice and what your Missouri business needs right now is more important than ever. And nonprofit NEXT Missouri is ready to give you the microphone.

Entrepreneur, small business owner, innovator, maker, pioneer, believer … whatever label you identify with, know that during this time, we have to let key decision-makers at the local and state levels understand the struggles that Missouri small businesses like yours are facing.

Why? You need vital funding because your business is vital. (In fact, Missouri *startups created 80% of all net new jobs across the state in the past five years. That’s an average of over 40,000 new jobs per year. And when we stay *startup, we’re just referring to any small business with 20 or fewer employees. THAT’S YOU.)

And right now, NEXT Missouri is inviting you to join the movement because acting quickly is important for a few reasons:

1. Funding is tough to get, and Missouri businesses need it ASAP.

2. The Missouri legislature is “tentatively planning” to reconvene in late April, eye the budget for fiscal year 2021 and make some important decisions, which will likely involve small business funding.

3. In a completely unprecedented move, the state is calling for the Missouri Technology Corporation to pay back $2.9 million in funds for the entire fiscal year … funds that have already been expended.

4. The Missouri Technology Corporation is the state’s greatest advocate for startups and entrepreneurship, and defunding Missouri’s entrepreneurial and innovation support infrastructure is crippling. By forcing MTC to surrender its entire FY20 budget and with an anticipated deep FY21 budget cut looming, MTC can’t fully support our state’s innovation centers and startups that help small business owners like you.

> > > It’s time to join up. (It literally takes less than a minute.)

Still not sold? Here’s a bit more about NEXT Missouri from the organization’s site:

NEXT Missouri is building a statewide platform to educate policymakers about entrepreneurship and small business as well as eliminate barriers to entrepreneurship and innovation in the state.

By organizing business owners like you and support organizations (like the 600 across the state), NEXT Missouri aims to:

  • Showcase the amazing and integral things Missouri small businesses like yours are doing
  • Shape an enterprising platform that supports small businesses
  • Make legislators aware about the impact entrepreneurs have
  • Build tools to speak on your behalf

If you’re ready to join the movement, just sign up here. (It’ll take just a few seconds.)

If you’re looking for other assistance for your business related to COVID-19, check out the MOSourcelink Business Coronavirus Resources page, which has the latest on funding opportunities, financial strategies, legal assistance, leadership tips and more information you need now. And check back because there’s always new info.

And we here at MOSourceLink are always here for you. Just give us a call at 866-870-6500 or tell us what you need here, and we’ll craft your (always free) Personal Action Plan to connect you with the right resource you need during these times.

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