This Month’s Events and Classes to Grow Your Missouri Business

This Month’s Events and Classes to Grow Your Missouri Business

March is here and we can smell the spring in the air. The days are getting just a tiny bit longer and it’s almost time to set our clock to spring forward. No matter if we lose an hour, there are organizations all over Missouri that are dedicated to making the most of your day with business-building events, networking opportunities, conferences and more. Use the last of those winter hours carefully and jump into the action. 

And where can you find the what, where, when?

Right here, with the MOSourceLink calendar, your place to find seeds of entrepreneurial education and inspiration. It’s chock full of hundreds of business workshops, classes and networking events that can help you build your social network, evaluate your idea or scale your business. And you can filter those events by subject, entrepreneur type and location.

At the top of the month, we’ll also give a quick short cut to just a few featured events from around Missouri. So grab your planner, calendar or smart phone and let’s get your network working for you.

Let the statewide roundup begin …

March 6, 2020: Combating Information Attacks in a 24/7 Business World, Webinar

An attack on customer records, intellectual property, financial information, business correspondence or employee records of your manufacturing business is not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.” However, cybersecurity often falls low on the list of priorities. 

Missouri Enterprise will discuss how manufacturers are being targeted, how to identify risks and vulnerabilities, how to respond to attacks and understand compliance requirements for DoD defense suppliers and homeland security. Join them for an online presentation followed by a live question and answer with the experts and Missouri Enterprise.

March 7, 2020: How to Manufacture Your First Product, St. Louis, Mo.

Hosted by St. Louis Community College, this workshop helps you learn the dos and don’ts of manufacturing and how to select the best manufacturer for your product based on your product type. This session explores the product manufacturing process in the United States, China, Mexico, India and more. 

Learn the different requirements for obtaining a product sample and placing initial orders; inherent risks, inconveniences, and timelines associated with average production runs; expenses involved in manufacturing in the United States versus abroad and more. Also, gain valuable tips to avoid costly manufacturing mistakes during production and insights on local and international companies that provide U.S. clients with product sourcing and translation services along with facilitation of off-shore manufacturing in China, Mexico, Taiwan and other countries for free or at a low cost. Taught by Inventors Association of St. Louis. 

March 14, 2020: Children’s Business Fair, Maryville, Mo.

Come see the products of young entrepreneurs brought to life from idea to creation to marketing. After much work, the products created by young business owners will be available in a shoppable marketplace. Browse and shop as you support Nodaway County’s young entrepreneurs ages 8 – 18. This event is free and hosted by Maryville Public Library.

March 19, 2020: Women in Business Seminar-Fourth Annual, Rolla, Mo.

The month of March marks the celebration of Women’s History Month. In honor of the contributions that women have made to the nation, women in business, women business owners and women entrepreneurs are invited to attend the fourth annual Women in Business seminar. Bring your lunch and your business cards. While the seminar is focused on women, anyone may attend.

The seminar focuses on how to make your contribution known and features guest speaker Jessica L. Schroer, storytelling and marketing expert and founder of the Hummingbird Group. In addition to the guest speaker, the seminar introduces the launch of a Women in Business program to spotlight people’s achievements and allows networking time so that attendees can connect with others. The seminar is hosted by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Missouri University of Science and Technology and University, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) St. Louis District Office, Columbia College, Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Women in Business Group.

March 25, 2020: Creating a Customer Service Culture, Springfield, Mo. 

Whether your organization is big or small, service or manufacturing, it boils down to having customer service skills that enable you to create a profitable and lucrative experience. Many companies forget or ignore the fact that customer service has a direct impact on profits – especially future profits. In today’s economy, customers are questioning value even with companies they have known for years.

Successful companies will anticipate customer needs and solve problems before the customer knows they even exist. But before you can do this, you have to start with the basics. Join efactory at this one-day seminar where you will learn ways to increase communication with customers in person or over the phone, techniques for dealing with angry customers, keeping your composure under stress, and much more.

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