MOSourceLink: A Look at Our 2019 Year in Review

MOSourceLink: A Look at Our 2019 Year in Review

No matter if you’re looking to start your very first business (or nonprofit) in Missouri or if you want to grow your operation, MOSourceLink can help. We’ve connected hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners like you to the right and relevant resources in our network of 600+ business-building organizations to help you clear that obstacle or reach that next milestone.

And while we help entrepreneurs, we also work with our network of business-building resources (we call them Resource Partners) to make sure that the Missouri entrepreneurial ecosystem gets better by the day. If you’re a corporate leader, investor, mentor, etc., we would love to hear from you as well. Supporting Missouri entrepreneurship takes all of us and pushes us closer to making Missouri the state of innovation between the coasts. Reach out to us and we’ll get you connected.

Every year, MOSourceLink takes a look back at the previous year and really dives deep into just how we’ve helped.

Explore some of our numbers and most popular content below. If you want to read the full report, click here (link to about us).


Top Requests for Assistance

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners call us, looking for their next step and next resource. Here are the top five requests for assistance through the hotline, email and The Resource Navigator:

  • Startup Assistance

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Business Plan Assistance

  • Entity Formation

  • Marketing/Sales

Want help with some of these areas or with something else business-related? Call us at 8166-870-6500 or use this form to tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll match you with the resources, coaches, investors, mentors and opportunities in Missouri that can help.

Most Viewed Pages in 2019

We work hard and write a lot to help make sure you have the information you need when you’re ready to start or grow a business in Missouri. We’ve written tons of blogs and Entrepreneur in Action stories (aka entrepreneur profiles), and we regularly assess our guides to make sure we’re giving you the tools and inspiration you need. In 2019, we had 52% more folks view our website than in 2018. Check out the top most popular pages last year:

  • Forms of Business Organization helps entrepreneurs understand the different ways to organize their business and advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • MOSourceLink homepage is your starting point to connect with Missouri’s resources. Give us a call at 866-870-6500 to jumpstart the process.

  • Register and License Your Business in Missouri gives a step-by-step list to check of when an entrepreneur is ready to go from idea to legal entity. 

  • Start a Business is one of our guides. Broken down into nine parts, it’s a digital playbook for Missouri businesses that are just beginning.

  • Missouri Business Checklist is just that, a checklist to go by to make sure that your business is operating in compliance with local, state, and federal governments. 


Top 5 Blog Posts

We wrote tons of blog posts last year about tips and trends to help Missouri’s small business entrepreneurs. Here are the top five posts that resonated with the most readers:

Top 5 Missouri Entrepreneur Stories

In our Entrepreneurs in Action series, we share the diverse and inspirational stories of Missouri entrepreneurship. Here are the top five:

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