7 Reasons Why You Should Shop Local

7 Reasons Why You Should Shop Local

From frosé sipping to your favorite summer tee, we are always going to encourage shoppers and diners and lovers of Missouri to direct their summer dollars right back into Missouri — and then share where they shop and eat local on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with #ShopLocalMO.

And here’s a list of reasons why your hard earned dollars should stay local.

Stimulation of the local economy. 

When you shop at locally owned stores, the money you spend stays in the community. And local businesses are more likely to purchase from other local businesses, so the local tax base grows and so do local businesses. A stronger tax base means improved schools, better roads and greater support for local police and fire departments.

Job creation. 

Small businesses are big employers. With jobs being created where you live, your friends, neighbors and family can find jobs closer to home. That has a huge impact on family, community and the environment because it keeps money in the community (see No. 1) and cuts back on commutes.

Better consumer choices. 

The more choices you have, the better the deals you can find. Small businesses encourage competition in the marketplace in a way that mega-corporations just can’t.

In addition, local businesses provide products and services from local craftsmen and artisans, offering unique options you won’t find in national stores. You have an opportunity to buy what you truly want instead of being forced into selecting from a handful of low-quality, high-profit-margin items.

Many people don’t shop locally because they think they can’t buy the things they need in a local store. Not true! Small business owners are more than willing to carry and stock special items.

Better customer service. 

When you run into a problem, you’re more likely to receive a satisfactory resolution from a local business owner than from a big-box chain. That’s because you probably know the people in charge at a local store. Large chains are often bureaucratic, and by the time you’re in touch with someone empowered to remedy the problem, you’re frustrated beyond repair.

A greener environment. 

Small businesses are usually centrally located and easily accessed from a town center, reducing sprawl and habitat loss. Plus you use less fuel getting to and from the shop.

Greater nonprofit support. 

Local businesses tend to donate more to local nonprofits, directly benefiting your friends, family and neighbors. And causes that you genuinely support and care about, not the ones that have been pre-selected for a tax cut.

Your bottom line. 

Because local businesses help grow the economic base of the community, the dollars you spend have the ripple effect. That money will eventually find its way back to you. And that’s not all. Small towns are more likely to survive downturns with a thriving business base, so shopping local can help keep your neighborhood safer and stabilize home values.

Remember, you don’t have to shop locally every time to make an impact. Just getting in the mindset of doing business locally first is all it takes to start improving your community.

Please shop local, and often. 

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