MOSourceLink Empowers St. Louis Entrepreneurship

MOSourceLink Empowers St. Louis Entrepreneurship

MOSourceLink helps people get where they want to go. And entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones who benefit from our know-how.

We recently partnered with the St. Louis Equity in Entrepreneurship Collective (STLEEC). This organization is working to build systems of gender and race equality in the St. Louis entrepreneurial ecosystem. Following the regions first every summit on race and gender equity in early-stage entrepreneurship the Collective identified Wayfinding and Navigation as a priority area of focus for creating systems level change toward improving equitable access and distribution of entrepreneurial resources. Their goal is proactively built systems that make resources – including capital – available to all entrepreneurs. MOSL was thrilled to help empower these efforts with solid experience. Here’s how it worked.

Wayfinding and navigation assessment

Every roadmap has to start somewhere. That’s what an initial assessment helps establish – where we are and how to best move toward a goal.

STLEEC worked with MOSourceLink on an initial assessment to better understand ecosystem partners’ current wayfinding systems and practices. But what efforts would be most effective?

STLEEC’s wayfinding and navigation action team was determined to find out. They set out to uncover specific, concrete ways to make a difference. But they needed more info.

Stakeholders from the community and MOSourceLink experts designed a more focused survey. Our team participated in discussion and provided background and data related to identifying resouces, mapping, navigation and measurement. We helped identify resources that specialize in supporting BIPOC entrepreneurs. And the robust content management system at MOSourceLink helped frame STLEEC’s efforts. The organization figured out what they could ask and how they could track it.

Once a survey was in place, STLEEC got to asking people to share their thoughts and personal experiences.

Informed next steps

Thanks to the data gathered in 2020, STLEEC is getting ready to unveil new initiatives and the priorities that will drive its work in the coming months. And the organization has appointed a new board of directors.

In the meantime, MOSourceLink has been able to increase awareness about support resources for St. Louis entrepreneurs and the organization. We’ve helped solidify connections among groups that have a core focus on serving diverse or underserved populations. 

We’re excited to see what initiatives STLEEC adopts. The team at MOSourceLink looks forward to collaborating and supporting these new priorities.

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