Missouri Manufacturers Needed to Produce Masks and Gowns

Missouri Manufacturers Needed to Produce Masks and Gowns

As entrepreneurs and business owners are figuring out how to pivot during the COVID-19 quarantine, opportunities are arising for companies to do just that and help support the medical community simultaneously.

A top priority right now is increasing the personal protective equipment (PPE) medical equipment supply chain. Primarily, the medical community is in need masks and gowns, so our friends at Missouri Enterprise on behalf of the state of Missouri are reaching out to our manufacturing community to identify those who are either currently producing, or can begin producing in a short time, the following items:

  • N95 medical masks

  • Basic medical gowns (large and extra-large sizes) 

Right now, Missouri Enterprise is gauging interest and will help compile all the responses together to share with the State Emergency Management Agency, who will follow up on contracting for the production and purchase. 

Sound like you? You can reach out  to Michelle Hataway at the Missouri Department of Economic Development here. In your email, include answers to the below and any of information that you think they should know:

  • Which item can your company produce? Mask? Gown? Both?

  • When can you start production?

  • Potential daily output?

  • Do you already have the supply chain established for these products?  If not, what would you need to acquire?

  • Are there other production factors that need to be resolved before you could make these products?

  • Are there other items that need to be addressed?

  • Are you willing to help, but need much more information before you can respond?

Missouri Enterprise, and the MEP national network, is around to assist with process changes you may encounter to meet this request as we tackle this crisis together. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to MOSourceLink at [email protected]


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