Show Me the Money: Missouri Startups That Received Funding in February 2020

Show Me the Money: Missouri Startups That Received Funding in February 2020

Capital is one of the biggest doors (and sometimes hurdles) to entrepreneurship, business and overall advancement of the community. Each month, we’ll highlight the businesses in Missouri that are receiving funding and making moves to grow from a startup to a second-stage business. Here are companies that landed investments in February 2020:

NewLeaf Symbiotics raised $20 million from a group of investors

iOR Partners raised $9.22 million from undisclosed investors   

Phoenix Textile raised $7 million from North Mill Capital

Sentiar raised $3 million from Cultivation Capital

Native Pet raised $200k from leap Venture Studio 

Maximum Fidelity Surgical Simulations raised $80k from undisclosed investor

Agogie and Mylestones each raised $50k from Capital Innovators

Funding information is gathered from CB Insights, the media and public announcements from our Resource Partners.

Need to learn more about what type of money you need?

Check out our guide on funding your business in Missouri. It’s full of definitions, resources and all the info you’ll need. And when you’re ready to get matched with the right capital at the right time, give us a call at 866-870-6500.

What’s the current state of capital in Missouri?

We put together a report called Show Me Capital that takes a deep look at the Missouri capital landscape, any gaps and goals. Download it here to stay informed and make a strategic plan. 

Don’t see yourself in our list?

Email us at [email protected]. We want to know your wins. 

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