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Evaluate Your Idea

Ideas are everywhere. Successful entrepreneurs know that not every idea is a good business opportunity. Before you bet the ranch on your idea, take the time  to research who will buy your product or service and what competition you will face.

  • The Missouri Small Business and Technology Development Centers offer a step-by-step guide to Evaluating Your Business Idea 
  • The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides a checklist to start and run a business. 
  • Answer these 14 questions to determine your RAMP: return on investment, advantages, market and potential. 
  • The Evaluate Your Idea checklist, created by Princeton Creative Research, outlines a series of questions to help you determine if your idea should be launched into a business. 
  • Entrepreneur Magazine presents a concise summary of the pros and cons of Buying a Franchise
  • The SBA also provides information on Buying an Existing Business

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