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Agriculture Business Incentives

Agricultural Products Utilization Contributor

The Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority (MASBDA) is authorized to grant an Agricultural Product Utilization Contributor Tax Credit in an amount up to 100 percent of a contribution from a person, partnership, corporation, trust, limited liability company or other donor. The contribution must be made to the authority to be used for financial or technical assistance to rural agricultural business concepts as approved by the authority.

Family Farm Breeding Livestock

Through the Family Farm Breeding Livestock Tax Credit Program, MASBDA provides Missouri tax credits to Missouri’s lenders who make breeding livestock loans to small farmers. To participate in the loan program, a small farmer shall first obtain approval for a family farm breeding livestock loan from an eligible lender. The small farmer shall not be charged interest by the lender for the first year of the qualified family farm livestock loan.

New Generation Cooperative Incentive

MASBDA provides New Generation Cooperative Incentive Tax Credits to induce producer member investment into new generation processing entities that will process Missouri agricultural commodities and agricultural products into value-added goods, provide substantial benefits to Missouri’s agricultural producers, and create jobs for Missourians.

Qualified Beef

The Qualified Beef Tax Credit Program provides Missouri tax credits to Missouri’s qualified beef producers who raise and background or finish Missouri born qualified beef animals to a weight of two hundred (200) pounds or more over their established baseline weight. To participate in the tax credit program, prior to October 1 of each year, a beef producer must first be certified by MASBDA, which includes establishing a baseline weight.