Annie’s Project

The mission of Annie’s Project is to empower farm women to be better business partners through networks and by managing and organizing critical information.


Annie’s Project Classes:

Annie’s Project

  • 18 hours of class (usually a three-hour class, meeting weekly for six weeks)
  • Topics include various ag business related topics including: marketing, business plans, crop and livestock insurance, financial records and statements, communications and much more. 
  • All classes will be slightly modified to fit the participants, so cattle-predominant parts of the state will focus on cattle and grain areas will focus on grains. 

Annie’s Project II – Women Marketing Grain & livestock

  • 12-hour class (usually a three-hour class, meeting weekly for four weeks)
  • In-depth marketing including crops, livestock and using insurance as a tool

    Annie’s Project III – Managing for Today & Tomorrow
  • 15-hour class (usually a three-hour class, meeting weekly for five weeks)
  • Includes information on retirement, transitioning the farm, business and estate planning

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Services Provided

Public Policy and Government Relations

  • Women’s Business Issues (Specialty)

Networking Organizations

  • Industry Specific (Specialty)


  • Startup Classes (Specialty)

Starting a Business

  • Startup Classes (Specialty)
Contact Information
Karisha Devlin