Benton County Economic Development

The goal of Benton County Economic Development is to sustain and grow our economy and improve the quality of life for our citizens by providing resources for business creation, expansion, retention and community development.


Located in the Midwestern portion of Missouri and accessible by four-lane Highway 65, Benton County is an ideal place to grow a business. With strong roots in agriculture, travel and trade, the The ACT Work Ready Communities enjoy a low cost of living and high quality of life.

Services Provided

Business Planning

  • Demographic/Census Data
  • Market Research

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Tax Credits (Specialty)


  • Demographics/Census Data

Economic and Site Development

  • Revitalization
  • Site Location Assistance
  • Tax Credits

Human Resources

  • Retention

Starting a Business

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Location
Contact Information
Jo Ann Lane
181 West Harrison
Warsaw, MO 65355