Founded in 2005 with a mission to provide fair access to capital, AltCap is a critical source of alternative debt financing for communities and entrepreneurs that fall outside the financial mainstream.


AltCap was initially launched as a Community Development Entity that provides high-impact capital to job-creating businesses and catalytic real-estate development projects.

In 2015, AltCap was certified as a Community Development Financial Institution by the CDFI Fund of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. This designation advanced AltCap’s mission by providing additional resources to better support and advocate for the small businesses that drive the economic and community development within the communities the organization serves.

AltCap provides entrepreneurs with $5,000 to $250,000 in debt capital (loans) to launch, operate or grow their microenterprise or small business. Interest rates are fixed with 3- to 5-year terms. Financing products include:

  • ARTcap: A mircoloan fund for artists
  • Diversified Contractors Growth Fund
  • Small Business Loan Fund
  • Veteran Loan Fund

Other AltCap offerings include:

  • New Market Tax Credits – The New Market Tax Credit Program fuels job-creating business investments and catalytic real estate projects by incentivizing private investors with a federal tax credit. For every $1 in federal tax credits, the program generates $8 of private investment.

  • AltCap Your Biz: Pitch Competition – An annual competition opening fall of each year, the AltCap Your Biz: Pitch Competition lets entrepreneurs submit an application and pitch video describing their business, team and how they plan to take their operation to the next level. Entrepreneurs’ submissions are evaluated by a panel of judges for an opportunity to pitch their business and win a cash award at AltCap’s Closing the Deal event (held during Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City).

Services Provided

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Loan Providers (Specialty)
  • Tax Credits (Specialty)
  • Real Estate Finance

Economic and Site Development

  • Tax Credits (Specialty)

Tax Services

  • Tax Credits (Specialty)


  • Budget, Financial Statements and Cash Flow Training
Contact Information
John Teasdale
3200 Wayne Ave
Kansas City, MO 64109