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Seven Strategies for Second-Stage Companies

Second-stage companies have survived the startup phase, and have the intent and capacity to grow. Taking your company to the next level often involves resources in a few specific areas.

Business Planning. Drive your business to the next level with a well-crafted business plan. And if you need funding for growth, your lender will want to see a business plan.

Marketing and Sales. Marketing is all about customers: knowing their needs and wants and creating the environment in which it is easy for them to buy. The Missouri SBTDC offers a great Guide to Developing a Marketing Plan. Also check out:

Human Resources: Your people are your company's most valuable asset. Be thoughtful in how you attract and retain the right employees to support your growth.

Maintaining Permits and Registrations: Get legal and stay legal with the help of this state-run website.

Get Funding: Explore the various options for fueling your business' growth.

Boards of Directors: Oversight and governance become increasingly important as companies grow.

Exit Strategies: Successful companies think as much about how to get out of business as they do how to get into business.

Missouri has a variety of business incubators designed to support business growth and development in many industries.

Technology and high-growth businesses can find additional information for growth in High-Tech.

Business Growth Services

The Missouri SBTDC network is offering a service that provides companies the information they need to expand markets, increase revenue and grow. The program is based on the economic gardening model.  Learn more at Business Growth Service.


The Missouri Department of Agriculture offers a variety of programs to assist in marketing agri-related products. Visit MDA or contact Charlie Hopper at 573.522.4170,

Identity and Document Protection

The Better Business Bureau offers tips on identity protection, including what documents should be shredded regularly and how long certain documents should be retains.