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Tax-Related Identity Theft: Information for Individuals & Businesses

Who is the webinar for?

·        Small Business Owners & Tax Professionals

Why is the IRS offering this webinar?

·        As Stakeholder Liaisons we want to help Small Business Owners & Tax Professionals get the information they need.  We see & hear a lot of question on this topic.

·        Help them to avoid additional tax problems. 

·        Share IRS resources available to help Identity Theft victims

What will we cover?

·         The IRS Multi-Pronged Strategy to Combat Identity Theft 

·         Address prevention measures

·         Cover detection of Identity Theft

·         Victim assistance

o   IRS Notices

o   IP PIN’s

·         Business Identity Theft

o   Protecting your business

o   Protecting your clients

Identity Theft Recourses & Additional Information

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