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4 Ways to Avoid Burnout

by Kate Hodel | Jun 12, 2012

Have you ever had that feeling? You know, the one where you feel like you are exhausted and just not interested in your work anymore. Exhaustion is more than common in the entrepreneurial community, and this is understandable in the early days. However, when these same entrepreneurs find themselves at the same level of exhaustion after year three or four of the start-up, something is clearly wrong. Below, you will find the top 4 ways to keep this intermittent exhaustion from turning into full-fledged burnout.

1.       Have realistic expectations

Understanding that your business will likely not become an overnight success will allow for more realistic goals and expectations.

2.       Keep big picture in mind

Especially as founder of a start-up, you are likely jack-of-all-trades. With that, it is probably difficult at times to keep your overall goal in mind when you have to do everything for the business.

3.       Know when to turn off

Always give 100% at work, avoiding unnecessary personal emails, calls, etc., and when you do call it a day, enjoy! This distinction between personal and work life helps to make you more productive at work, too.  Scheduling time off – weekends, evenings, and vacations – is also an important component.

4.       Exercise

Coupled with scheduled breaks (see #4), regular exercise helps to rejuvenate both your mind and body to help you work more efficiently and effectively. 

Content Contributed by Meredith Soniat, Metro New Orleans Sourcelink
Metro New Orleans Sourcelink is a proud affiliate of U.S. Sourcelink, America's largest resource network for entrepreneurs.


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