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  • Product Development: How to Effectively Brainstorm Great Ideas

    by Jenny Miller | Aug 27, 2014
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  • SLATE Awarded YouthBuild Grant

    by Kate Hodel | Aug 27, 2014
    SLATE and SBTDC partner to win $1 million YouthBuild grant.
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  • Taking the Pain Out of Product Launches

    by Jenny Miller | Aug 20, 2014
    Coming up with a noteworthy idea is impressive on its own, but managing to get your product manufactured and actually launched on a market is by far a much greater feat. Typically, engineers may not always be the greatest market specialists, and to be able to get a product noticed by a potential buying public, needs teamwork outside of a pure engineering sphere.
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  • The Importance of Intellectual Property

    by Jenny Miller | Aug 13, 2014
    Very few of us manage to develop more than one great idea in the field of engineering design, but when we do have that groundbreaking thought, we need to ensure that it is properly protected so we can reap the full benefits from it. We must also turn to the legal field to make sure that our design or idea can be protected from copy infringement, and that we are able to take it forward without fear of having to share the profits. But what is intellectual property, and how can we benefit from it?
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  • 21 Tools to Make Every Busy Entrepreneur’s Life Easier

    by | Aug 13, 2014
    Learn the best applications, programs and resources to manage your valuable time.
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  • How To Dress For Respect As An Entrepreneur

    by | Aug 07, 2014
    Knowing how to dress for the job as an entrepreneur can be tricky. One of the best parts about being an entrepreneur is being your own boss. However, entrepreneurs rely heavily on funding from investors. Women’s Capital Connection Network Manager Kelly Pruneau offers her advice on dressing for respect.
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  • How to Start a Sole Proprietorship in Missouri

    by | Aug 04, 2014
    Starting a sole proprietorship can be difficult. Learn how to start one of your own right here in Missouri.
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