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  • What's Hot in the World of Startups

    by Kate Hodel | Jul 28, 2013
    Who knew online shoe sales would be in the top three hottest startups?
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  • Building a Pitch for Your Idea

    by Kate Hodel | Jul 16, 2013
    Business pitches must be well planned, well rehearsed and delivered with passion.
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  • Cash is King

    by Kate Hodel | Jul 09, 2013
    When compiling financial projections for new businesses, entrepreneurs often focus heavily on revenue and expense projections without putting the same time and effort into their cash flow projections. These entrepreneurs are setting themselves up for failure—even if they are able to meet their revenue targets.
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  • The Affordable Care Act…A friend of Entrepreneurs?

    by Kate Hodel | Jul 02, 2013
    As the changes in health care law from the Affordable Healthcare Act get close, Melissa Houston runs us through some ways that the new laws will be beneficial for small business owners.
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