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Second Quarter 2014

Healthcare Reform

For a number of years, small business have reported that increasing healthcare costs are their number one problem. Therefore, the Affordable Care Act enacted comprehensive health insurance reforms designed to ensure Americans have access to quality, affordable health insurance. The Affordable Care Act includes a variety of measures specifically for small businesses designed to help lower premium cost growth and increase access to quality, affordable health insurance (SBA). But what effect is the reform having on small business in our area? We recently asked our Small Business Opinion Panelists this very question. The majority, more than 70%, report that it is still too early to tell.

For questions about this survey or resources to help your small business with healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act, contact us at 816-235-6500.

Panelist Expectations and Outlooks

Each quarter MOSourceLink surveys a panel of small business owners to determine their outlooks and expectations. This spring’s results were compared with those from last spring. In the most recent survey, 76% of respondents believe that this year will be better for business than last year, which is consistent with last year’s findings, when 74% of respondents believed that 2014 would be better than 2013.

Additionally, more respondents believe this year will be better for their specific business than last. This trend was also shown to be true by an increase in respondents expecting to hire, expand and see sales increase.

Q2 2014 My Business Comparison to Last Year Q2 2014 Sales Q2 2014 Business Expectations Q2 2014 Expansion Q2 2014 Business Comparison to Last Year Q2 2014 My Business Expectations Q2 2014 Hiring