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Not sure who in Missouri or in your community can help with business planning, marketing, funding, mentors, etc.? Just wish there was one place you could call or visit to figure out how to get a business started or to find out what questions you should be asking?

Welcome to MOSourceLink, your connections for Missouri entrepreneurship.

MOSourceLink connects a statewide network of 500+ business-building resources to each other and to entrepreneurs. Our mission: increase the accessibility and visibility of low- and no-cost resources that can help aspiring or established business owners build businesses and create jobs in Missouri.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can reach out to MOSourceLink via hotline/help desk (we have dedicated staff who field entrepreneurs’ requests), social media, email or web. We connect entrepreneurs and small business owners to the right resources—we’ll actually create a customized Personal Action Plan—to help them reach that next milestone. And our services are offered at no cost, thanks to support from the University of Missouri System and the Missouri Technology Corporation.

And if someone is not an entrepreneur, there’s a role for them, too, in helping make Missouri the state for innovation between the coasts. MOSourceLink works with our Resource Partners (you can see and search for them in The Resource Navigator®) across communities to fill gaps in entrepreneurial services. If they’re a service provider, mentor, investor, corporate leader or just a fan of Missouri doers, makers and job creators, invite them to get involved and get connected to Missouri entrepreneurship by emailing us at [email protected].

Help Us Spread the Word on Social Media

We are only as strong as our social network. Open yours and spread the word about MOSourceLink through your network. You can use the sample newsletter and social media content below. Please interact with us and our content at the handles below, using the hashtag #StartupMO.


Sample Newsletter Content

  • MOSourceLinkⓇ is helping make Missouri the state for innovation between the coasts. With a network of 500+ business-building resources in Missouri, MOSourceLink helps aspiring and established business owners start, grow and accelerate businesses across the state of Missouri by linking them to the right resource at the right time. Ready to get started? MOSourceLink will build a customized Personal Action Plan to help you reach your next milestone.

  • MOSourceLink also identifies gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and strategically works with partners and communities to fill those gaps and strengthen support for entrepreneurs and homegrown businesses. If you’d like to get support for growing your business or to become a part of MOSourceLink’s network of resources, reach out to us at [email protected]

Sample Facebook/LinkedIn Copy

  • Calling all entrepreneurs and business owners! You don’t have to start or grow a business on your own, MOSourceLink is here to help. Connecting you to low- to no-cost resources across the state at the right time is their specialty, so be sure to check them out today at

  • Starting a business is a big task and luckily, you have MOSourceLink to help you do just that. With a network of over 500+ resources across the state, MOSourceLink can connect you to the right resource at the right time via their Resource Navigator®.

  • Legal help? Startup Assistance? Business Planning, oh my! MOSourceLink’s huge network of resources can help you with everything you need to start or grow a business in the state of Missouri. Contact them via 866-870-6500, email, or web to get started.

  • With a network of 500+ business-building resources across Missouri, MOSourceLink helps aspiring and established business owners start, grow and accelerate businesses in Missouri. Head to to find out more.

  • MOSourceLink is a one-stop shop for budding entrepreneurs and established business owners to be connected to low- to no-cost business building resources across the state. Visit to get started!

  • Before you sign a lease, design a logo, launch social media accounts or spend hours searching for tips on Google. . . find out who your customers are and what it takes to open shop in Missouri. One call, one click. 866-870-6500 or

  • Whether you’re starting or growing a business, reach out to MOSourceLink via hotline (they have dedicated staff who answer the phones), social media, email or web, and they’ll connect you to the right resources—they’ll actually create your Personal Action Plan at no cost—to help you clear that obstacle and reach your next milestone. Get started!

  • Get a map to Missouri’s business-building resources, from napkin sketch to big exit. MOSourceLink’s Resource Rail is a guide to the steps business owners may take on their entrepreneurial journey, from inception through proof-of-concept, rollout and expansion and, for some, exit. If you haven’t already, visit to download.

Sample Twitter Copy

  • @MOSourceLink is connecting entrepreneurs and empowering innovation across Missouri. Register on their site now for a customized (and free) Personal Action Plan for your business. *link*

  • Spent hours Googling for business tips? Or maybe you’ve already spent $$$ on business plans and market research. Did you know @MOSourceLink has a whole heap of expert resources that will help you with that, for no or low-cost? Get connected ASAP.

  • Just want to talk to a person about how to get your #Missouri business off the ground? Real people, real phones, real connections to help overcome your real challenges and reach your next milestone.

  • @MOSourceLink helps Missouri businesses start, grow and accelerate across the state. Need help? Reach out to them at

  • Funding? Marketing help? Business plans? Tell @MOSourceLink your challenge in starting a business and they’ll connect you with the resources that you need, across the state.

  • @MOSourceLink has released its Resource Rail: a map of the entrepreneurial resources available to entrepreneurs and business owners across the state of Missouri and region by region. Download it now! *link*

  • Whether you’re starting a business or growing a business, turn to @MOSourceLink, a free resource that connects entrepreneurs and business owners to the right resource, at the right time.

What Other Ways Can You Get Involved?

  • Refer entrepreneurs and business owners who need business help to MOSourceLink.

  • Add The Resource Navigator® to your website, ask us how!

  • Share your stories of amazing entrepreneurs with us so we can spread their story across the state.

  • Add business events to our statewide calendar here.

  • Write for us! You can check our guest writer guidelines and submit an article or two for our blog.

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