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Become a Resource Partner

Resource Partners Network 

MOSourceLink connects a network of nonprofit resources to aspiring and existing small businesses across the state. These one hundred plus resource organizations provide business-building services that help small businesses grow and prosper. 

MOSourceLink provides the products, services and organizational framework that links the resource partners not only to small business but also to each other. 
This connection facilitates our strong, collaborative network of regional nonprofit resource partners. 

There is no cost for the nonprofit organizations that make up our network or for the entrepreneurs who use MOSourceLink’s services. 

Network Resource Partner Benefits 

  • MOSourceLink actively markets to aspiring, emerging and existing business owners in Missouri, promoting the services of the entire resource partner network.
  • MOSourceLink qualifies hotline and web-based inquiries and refers them to the appropriate network resource partners. 
  • Network resource partners are included in The Resource Navigator database, our premier online network search tool. 
  • Network partners never need to tell a client, “I don’t know.” As partners of the MOSourceLink collaborative resource network, they know where to make referrals for services not provided by their organization.

    For information on how to become a MOSourceLink nonprofit resource partner, please email